Our Materials

All our jewellery is made of solid .925 sterling silver or 18k gold-plated over .925 sterling silver and finished with a protective anti-tarnish coating. All our jewelry is made from high quality materials and are all nickel-free and hypoallergenic. 




18k Gold Plated

We plate our jewelry in a thick layer of 18k gold over sterling silver for a durable, long-lasting shine and colour.




Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a timeless investment and with proper care will retain its beauty for years to come. We plate all our sterling silver jewelry in rhodium to prevent tarnishing. That being said it is completely natural for sterling silver to oxidize over time. This is a natural process and can be easily cleaned. Simply wipe with a polishing cloth and it will shine right back up.




Gemstones and Pearls

We mainly work with cubic zirconia gemstones which is one of the highest quality replica of natural diamonds, and can sometimes be even brighter than natural diamonds.


Gemstones and Pearls


Care Tips


Put your jewelry on last, after perfume, makeup, lotions and other chemical products and avoid wearing it when cleaning, especially when using harsh chemicals such as bleach.


Remember to remove your jewelry before exercising, showering, washing your hands or swimming in the ocean.


After wear, gently wipe jewelry with a soft, dry cloth to remove natural body oils and any residue. Store your jewelry in your Emery Studio box to prevent oxidation or scratches.